DUBAI (UAE) – TM Recordation with Customs Department

On December 24, 2006, the Dubai Customs Department, for the first time, has introduced the Trademark recordation system to combat the illegal entry of goods into Dubai.

The said service affords trademark owners the right to stop unauthorized importation of goods bearing trademarks or logos identical or similar to their own marks.

Upon recordation, Custom Officials across all Dubai ports & customs will have the right to stop and seize any goods found to bear identical/similar trademark to that or original owner. In case of suspicious goods, the Customs Department will inform the registered owner of the Mark in order to take any legal actions deemed appropriate against the importers of goods in question.

– The said customs registration is valid only in Dubai and does not extend to the remaining
Emirates that comprise the UAE (United Arab Emirates).
– In order to record the Mark with the Customs Dept., the owner MUST have a valid
Trademark registration in UAE.
– Recordals cover only one class of goods. A separate application is required for each &
every additional Class of goods.

The only required document to affect recordals with the Customs Dept. is a certified copy of a UAE Trademark Registration Certificate, which can be obtained locally and a specimen of the Mark as currently used.

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