VENEZUELA – New Increased Fees for all IP Matters

The Venezuelan PTO just published the new increased fees for all IP matters in Venezuela. The new increased fees are very dramatic and disproportionate prompting the local association of Industrial Property Agents to file an appeal with the Supreme Court hoping to block the increase in official Fees.

As of May 28, 2015, foreign applicants/owners will have to pay such fees in US Dollars directly to the PTO’s account.

Below are few examples of the new increased fees:

-Trademark Grant & certificate Issuance fees US$ 1,547.00

-Trademark Renewal fees US$ 2,380.00

-Assignment / Merger per each application US$ 2,380.00

-Patent Application fees           US$ 2,380.00

-Patent – 2nd Annuity fees US$ 4,761.00

-Patents – 3rd Annuity fees US$ 7,142.00

-Patent – 4th Annuity fees US$ 9,532.00

-Patent – 5th Annuity fees US$ 11,904.00

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