Designs: Algeria

General Information

Novelty Requirements : Designs created before filing the application are considered Novel.

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : Yes – as to form only.

Protection Period : 10 Years total from filing date – Designs are firsts registered for only one year.

Extension Term : 9 Years – the applicant must request the extension either (1) During filing the application or (2) Within the first year of filing the application otherwise the application will be considered lapsed.

Grace Period for Extension Term : 6 Months.

Publication : Yes – in the Official Gazette after the expiration of the first year of protection unless the applicant request an earlier publication.

Opposition : None


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney.
  2. Six (6) identical copies of representations of the design or two specimens of the actual design. Pictures of the design are requested instead of the short description of the design. 
  3. A certified copy of the priority document (if claiming Priority).

Design Annuities Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney.
  2. The number and date of filing of the Design. 
  3. The name, address, and nationality of the applicant.


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