Designs: Bangladesh

General Information

International Agreement : The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (GATT), WIPO, Paris Convention, Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, Universal Copyright Convention, 1952.

Design types :

  1. Design application for a single presentation. 
  2. Reciprocity application.

Novelty requirements : Novelty and originality is one of the important features of a design. A design to be able to get registration must be same conception or suggestion as to shape, configuration, pattern or ornament. It must be capable of being applied to an article; in such a way that the article to which it has been applied show to the eye the particular shape, configuration, pattern or ornament, the concept or suggestion of which constitutes the design.

Claiming Priority : A priority may be claimed in respect of a design registered in any country under The Paris Convention Union within one year of the registration.

Examination : Yes

Protection Period : Protection period for a patent in Bangladesh is 5 years. After 4 years of the grant of the patent it may be renewed for 5th year. After 5th year it may be applied to be registered as a copyright which has duration of 55 years.

Publication : Yes - After finishing the sealing formalities the design number and the title will be published in The National Gazette.

Annuity: Annuity fees may be paid for the 5th year and after that it may be converted to a copyright.

Compulsory licensing : If the applicant interested, an application can be made to the patent office for a compulsory licenses and thus a license may obtained. 


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. Nine (9) clear photographs of each view (plan, isomeric, top, bottom etc.) showing 
    features of the design.
  2. Name, address and nationality of the Applicant.
  3. Letter of Authorization to authorize the agent (Form 31).
  4. Details of applications field in other countries.
  5. Assignment by inventor(s) to Applicant(s) [in appropriate case].


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