Designs: Gaza Strip

General Information

International Agreements : None

Novelty Requirements : None

Claiming priority : No

Protection Period : 5 Years from filing date

Extension Term : Two periods of 5 years each

Publication : Yes – in the Official Gazette

Opposition : Yes – within 2 months as of publication date

Cancellation : Yes - Cancellation can be based on the grounds that the subject design was not novel at the time of filing the relevant application or that the design is applied through manufacturing processes to any article in a foreign country and is not so applied through any manufacturing processes in the territories to such extent as is reasonable in the circumstances of the case.

Compulsory Licensing : None


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. Power of attorney simply signed. 
  2. Three sets of specimens or representations of the design. 
  3. The name, business, nationality and address of the applicant. 
  4. The class(es) in which the design is to be registered. 
  5. The article(s) covered by the design and the material used in producing these items. 
  6. A description of the design pointing out its novel aspects. 


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