Designs: Kuwait

General Information

Currently, once an application is filed for the grant of a Design registration, the Kuwaiti Patent Registrar takes no further action. The Kuwaiti Patent Office has not yet started the process of examining, publishing and granting of designs.

Until the Kuwaiti Patent Office changes the present practice, all filed design applications shall remain as documentary evidence of ownership and priority claim even in the absence of examination and issuance of certificates by the Patent Office. The usual actions of opposition, renewal, payment of annuities, working, and so forth (with the exception of the assignment of applications), are not applicable in Kuwait.

Novelty Requirements : None

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : N/A

Protection Period : 10 Years – as of filing date

Extension Term : None

Publication : N/A

Opposition : N/A

Annuity Payments : N/A

Working or nominal working of Designs : N/A


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. Power of attorney legalized up to Kuwaiti Consulate. 
  2. Certificate of Incorporation or an Extract from the Commercial Register legalized up to the Kuwaiti Consulate. 
  3. The name, address, nationality and occupation of the applicant. 
  4. Two representations of each design or model showing the various views. The figure of the design or model should be placed in an upright position on the sheet. When more than one figure of the design or model are shown, these should be on the same sheet, each designated as "perspective view", "front view", "side view" or as the case may be. 


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