Designs: Syria

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention

Novelty Requirements : Yes - Novelty is a pre-condition for design acceptance. The design should have external features differing from precedent designs.

Claiming priority : Yes

Protection Period : 5 Years – starting after approval & publication date.

Extension Term : Two consecutive terms of 5 years each

Opposition : Yes - Opposition should be brought before the court of law and not the registrar.

Grace period for Annuity payments : 6 Months

Working or nominal working of Designs : None

Notes : For payment of design annuities or effecting nominal workings for patent, no powers of attorney are required. Nominal working may be effected by publishing a notice in a local newspaper every two years, offering the patent for exploitation.


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney legalized up to Syrian Consulate. 
  2. Certified copy of the design home or any other foreign corresponding registration certificate.
  3. (6) Photographs of the design in all dimensions. (The Registrar may request a physical sample of the design later). 
  4. Technical description of the design with the supporting drawing.
  5. Certified copy of Priority document (if claimed).

Note : During the prosecution of the application, the Israel-Boycott Bureau may request from the first-time applicant company a boycott declaration. This document is to be submitted only when it is actually requested. If the boycott declaration is not submitted when requested, the application will not turn to registration procedures. In case the applicant company has prior registration(s) in Syria, then it would be possible to waive the request of this declaration.


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