Designs: Turkey

General Information

International Agreements : Locarno Agreement & Paris Convention

Novelty Requirements : Novelty is defined by law as a design is considered new if, before the date of application or priority (if any), no identical design has been made available to the public anywhere in the world.

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : Yes – as to formalities & patentability

Protection Period : 5 Years (a total of 25 years)

Extension Term : Four time of 5 years each

Publication : Yes

Opposition : Yes – within 6 months as of publication date

Annuity Payments : Within the last 6 months of each 5 year period

Grace period for Annuity payments : 6 Months

Working or nominal working of Designs : Yes


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. A notarized power of attorney. 
  2. The information on how the applicant has acquired the right to apply for a design from the designer. 
  3. Priority document. If priority is claimed, number, date and country of the application are required. 
  4. Drawing(s) or painting(s), graphic, photographic or other similar representations of the designs suitable for reproduction and reflecting all of its features, 20 pictures 8x8 cm size. 
  5. Description related to the design and products to which the design is to be incorporated. 
  6. A notarized signature circular where the applicant is a legal person (if possible).

In case of multiple applications, separate descriptions and representations of the design should be submitted.


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