Designs: Uruguay

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention, Strasbourg Agreement, Locarno Agreement & TRIPS Agreement.

Novelty Requirements : Novelty shall not be affected by the disclosure of the invention made within the term of six months before the filing date of the application or the invoked priority, provided said disclosure comes directly or indirectly from actions performed by the inventor, his/her heirs or third parties.

Claiming priority : Yes – within 6 Months.

Examination : Yes – Substantial Examination must be expressly requested within 60 days after publication date. It is possible to request substantial examination as of filing date. This term is statutory and in-extendible.

Protection Period : 10 Years – as of filing date
Extension Term : 5 Years

Publication : Yes – the applicant must request publication within 12 months as of filing date or priority date. It is possible to request early publication as of filing date. This term is statutory and in-extendible.

Opposition : Yes – within 30 days as of publication date.

Annuity Payments : Annually as of granting date
Grace period for Annuity payments : 6 Months – with 50% surcharge.

Compulsory Licensing : Yes – the same rules of compulsory licensing for Patents applies to Industrial Designs.

Working or nominal working of Designs : It is not required that Design be exploited in order to keep into force, and absence of use does not constitute a reason for nullity, cancellation or extinction of Design rights.

Notes : The patent Office will grant an in-extendible 30 day term to affect late filing of documents or respond to formal Official Actions.


Filing Requirements

Design Filing Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney simply signed (must state signatory’s position).
  2. Details of the Applicant and Inventor(s).
  3. Representations of the Design.
  4. Priority document (if claimed) – must be filed within 90 days as of filing date.


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