Patents: GCC (Patents)

General Information

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) comprises of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

Novelty Requirements : Absolute worldwide Novelty.

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : Patents are examined as to formalities only.

Protection Period : 20 Years from filing date.

Publication : Only the decision to grant the Patent is published

Annuity Payments : Within January 1st to March 31st of each year starting from the year following filing the application.

Grace period for Annuity payments : within 90 days with fines.

Compulsory Licensing : If Patent not fully exploited by the within three years from the date of grant, the Patent Office may grant a compulsory license to any person, provided that this latter proves his capability to exploit the invention fully.

Working or nominal working of Patents/Inventions : The invention must be sufficiently exploited in the GCC member states within three years from the date of grant. Working requirements are not satisfied by importation or by effecting nominal working.

Notes :

The following must be noted while filing a GCC patent application:-

As per Articles 17, 18 & 19 of the Implementation Regulations of the GCC Patent Law, the applicant or his agent must sign :

  1. An obligation form to relinquish a patent previously granted by a GCC state 
    within 90 days as soon as a patent is granted by the GCC Patent Office.
  2. An obligation form to withdraw a previously filed patent application in any of the 
    GCC states within 90 days from the date of filing a GCC application. 
  3. An obligation form not to file a patent application at any patent office within the 
    GCC states.

A 90 days grace period is given for filing the supporting documents as from the filing date. Failure to do so will render the application as void, as extension of time is not possible.

GCC patent applications are also referred to the Australian Patent Office for examination.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. A power of attorney executed by the applicant, duly notarized and legalized up to the Consulate of any GCC country.
  2. A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or an Extract from the Commercial register of the applicant company duly legalized by the Consulate of 
    any GCC country.
  3. A deed of Assignment executed by the inventor(s), assigning their patent rights to the applicant, also notarized and legalized up to Consulate of any GCC country.
  4. Certified copy of Priority documents. If the documents are not in English, a simple English translation is required.
  5. Two copies of the specification and claims in English and Arabic, prepared 
    strictly in the following order:
    • Title of the invention
    • Technical field
    • Technical background
    • Disclosure of the invention
    • Description of drawings
    • Detailed description of the invention
    • Method of industrial application of invention
    • Claims
    • Abstract of invention
    • Drawings, if any
  6. The Arabic text of the specification and claims on a diskette using Microsoft Word (Windows Edition).

    Note : 
    A GCC patent application can be filed with the English text of specification and claims together with the Arabic translation thereof. Documents 1, 2, 3 and 4 should be submitted to the GCC Patent Office within three (3) months from the date of filing the application Otherwise, the application will lapse.


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