Patents: El-Salvador

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention

Patent Types : Invention Patents, Utility Patents & Design Patents.

Novelty Requirements : The patent must be "novel". This means that it does not exist in the "state of art". The state of art is all material that has been disclosed or made public by any means. There is a grace period of 1 year if the disclosure was made by the inventor or his successors.

Claiming priority : Yes – within 12 months.

Examination : Yes - Must be requested within 6 months the application has been published.

Protection Period : 20 years from application date

Publication : Yes - Within 6 months the application has been admitted

Annuities : Annuities must be paid yearly. The first annuity must be paid before the second anniversary of the application date.

Grace Period for Payments : There is a 6 month grace period.

Compulsory Licensing : Only if national emergency or security is declared.

Working or nominal working of Patents/Inventions : Not applicable.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Technical description, claims and summary. 
  2. Assignment document signed by the inventors. 
  3. If priority is claimed, a certified copy must be filed.


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