Patents: India

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Budapest Treaty.

Patent Types : Only Patent of invention "invention" means a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application.

Novelty Requirement : Worldwide Novelty - Should not be disclosed before general public or in any other prior document, publication or citation anywhere in the world. May be considered if disclosed in the exhibition before learned society but filing should be within 12 months of such disclosure.

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : Yes -upon request within 36 month from the date of earliest priority.

Protection Period : 20 Years from the date of filing.

Publication : Within 18 month from the date of entering the national phase but not later than 36 months from the earliest priority.

Annuities : Can be paid one time for whole term, yearly payment option also available.

Grace period for Payments : No grace period is available but the restoration provision is available.

Compulsory licensing : Available after the expiration of three year from the date of grant.

Working or nominal working of Patents/inventions : Necessary to disclose the detail annually.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Complete specification with drawings or table if any.
  2. Full name and address of the Inventor(s) and Applicant(s). 
  3. Assignment Deed. 
  4. Power of Attorney simply signed.


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