Patents: Israel

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention, PCT, Stockholm Text and Strasbourg Agreement.

Patent Types : Therapeutic treatment of the human body is not patentable. However, medication and diagnostic methods for humans are patentable. 
New varieties of plants or animals are not patentable, except for microbiological organisms, which are not derived from nature.

Novelty Requirements : Yes – Universal Novelty is required.

Claiming priority : Yes – within 12 months.

Time frame for registration : 3-5 Years

Protection Term : 20 Years

Examination : Yes
Publication : Yes
Opposition : Yes – within 3 months as of publication date.

Annuity Payments : Renewal fees for years 1-6 from the date of the application is payable within three months of the date of grant of the patent. Subsequent renewal fees are paid before the expiration of the sixth, tenth, fourteenth and eighteenth year, counting from the date of the application. Where the prosecution of the application continues for more than six years, e.g. in consequence of an opposition, or for any other reason, the renewal fees become payable only upon grant of the patent.

Grace period for Annuity payments : 6 Months


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney simply signed.
  2. Details of the Applicant, Title of Invention & Drawings.
  3. Certified copy of Priority document (if claimed).


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