Patents: Kenya

General Information

International Agreements : WIPO Convention, Paris Convention, PCT & PLT (Patent Law Treaty).

Patent Types : Product and/or Process Patents (some are excluded)

Novelty Requirements : No Prior Art

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : Yes – examination as to substance

Protection Period : 20 Years from filing date

Publication : Yes – after 10 months from filing date pr priority date as claimed whichever is earlier.

Annuity Payments : Annually

Deadline for Payments : Eve of each anniversary date from filing date

Grace period for Annuity payments : 6 Months with fine.

Compulsory Licensing : Yes 


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney simply signed (can be filed later).
  2. Short and precise title of the invention, full names, physical address and nationality of Applicant; also full names and address(es) of inventor(s) (required on day of filing).
  3. Specifications, claims and abstract in English (required on the day of filing).
  4. Formal drawings, if applicable (required on the day of filing).
  5. Assignment Deed (can be filed later).
  6. Priority document with verified English translation (can be filed within 3 months).
  7. Name, Address, type of activity, nationality and type of Applicant.

PCT National Phase Requirements

  1. International Search Report (required on the day of filing).
  2. International Preliminary Examination Report (required on the day of filing).
  3. International Publication (required on the day of filing).
  4. The copies of any amendments, if any (required on the day of filing.


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