Patents: Oman

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention, PCT & GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Novelty : 
As per the Law the invention is patentable if it is:

  • Novel
  • Of an "Inventive Step" (non-obvious)
  • Industrially Applicable
  • Not in conflict with the general order or the rules of Islamic Shariaa or adversely influence the national security or the public morals.

The invention is patentable whether it is related to novel industrial products or produced by currently used industrial means or by new application of known industrial means.
Although the law does not stated any provisions related to the meaning of the novelty however, from the general concept of the law it is understandable that the invention should be “new” and was not disclosed to public anywhere at any time whether by written, oral disclosure or by use or any other method.

Priority under Paris Convention : Yes – within 12 months from the first filing.

Examination : There are no such provisions in the regulations about the substantive examination However, as been informed by the IP Department there will be substantive examination for patents.

Publication : Yes – in the Official Gazette

Opposition : Yes – within 60 days as of publication date

Protection Period : 20 Years as of grant date - The invention shall also be protected as of the date of filing the patent application, to the date of the patent grant.

Note: Patents can also be protectd in Oman by filing a GCC Patent application which covers Oman too.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney duly legalized up to the Omani Consulate or certified by Apostille.
  2. A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or an Extract from the Commercial register of the applicant company legalized up to Omani Consulate or certified by Apostille.
  3. Assignment Deed executed by the inventor(s), assigning their patent rights to the applicant legalized up to Omani Consulate or certified by Apostille.
  4. Certified copy of Priority documents (IF claimed).
  5. An abstract of the invention for the purpose of the publication of the invention in the Official Gazette of no more than 200 words showing the inventor's name, address and nationality, brief description of the invention and claims, the technical field, the drawings, if any and how to solve problems that may occurred.
  6. Detailed description of the invention in English & Arabic showing the following:
  • Title of the invention.
  • Technical field.
  • Technical background.
  • Disclosure of the invention.
  • Description of drawings.
  • Detailed description of the invention.
  • Method of industrial application of invention • Claims • Abstract of invention • Drawings if any.

Note : 
Patent applications can be filed without the supporting documents mentioned above. However, the same should be filed within three (3) months from filing the application. Otherwise, the application will lapse.


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