Patents: Pakistan

General Information

International Agreements : WTO, GATT and Paris Convention.

What is Patentable : 

  1. Pharmaceutical products or a process for manufacturing. It may also be a chemical product or a process of manufacture thereof.
  2. Inventions related with “Circuit Layout Designs”.
  3. MICRO ORGANISMS per se and biological processes for the production of plants or animals other than non-biological and microbiological processes.
  4. Patents may be granted for every field of science and technology if the invention satisfies the as in (1) above.

Novelty Requirements : 
A patent shall NOT be granted, if prior to the filing of the application in Pakistan, or where the application is a priority application, the priority date, it has been disclosed to the public anywhere in the world including Pakistan by:

  • Publication in tangible form; or
  • By oral disclosure; or
  • By use; or
  • In any other way

Claiming priority : Yes - Within one year
Examination : Yes - Compulsory
Protection Period : 20 Years from filing date
Publication : Yes
Oppositions : Yes - within 4 months as of publication date.

Annuity Payments : Annually beginning with the 5th year and shall be paid before the expiration of the 4th year from the date of Patent or of any succeeding year during the term of the patent.

Compulsory Licensing : Yes


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Full details of the Applicant, nationality and profession/business.
  2. Full details of the Inventor(s), nationality and profession/business.
  3. Power of Attorney Simply Signed.
  4. Three copies of specifications in English.
  5. Three copies of Formal Drawings, if any, one copy should be on tracing cloth and the other two on stout white paper.
  6. If claiming priority, a certified copy of Priority Document (can be filed within 3 months as of application date in Pakistan).
  7. In case of application where the true or first inventor is not a party to the application, Form-1A on its reverse side duly endorsed by the inventor in presence of two witnesses is required (NO legalization is required). The names and complete addresses of the witnesses should be mentioned.


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