Patents: Paraguay

General Information

International Agreements : TRIPS, Paris Convention, not a PCT member

Patent types : Invention and utility models, pharmaceuticals

Novelty requirements : Yes

Claiming Priority : Yes

Examination : Yes - mandatory.

  1. Formal examination (45 business days) and publication (one day) 
  2. Patent copy sent to Brazil (INPI) for anticipations search (one year) 
  3. Brazil’s Patent Department (INPI) returns the Patent Search report (one year) 
  4. The Patent Application and the Brazilian report are reviewed by an official expert in Paraguay who renders an expert witness testimony approving or not the patent application for granting purposes (one year)

Protection period : 20 Years

Publication : Yes – mandatory; for one day after the formal examination takes place.

Annuity Payments : Must be paid in a progressive manner before the third year of its application date.

Grace Period for payments : Grace period of 3 months with 50% overcharge and 6 months with 100% overcharge.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Complete name and address of the applicant and the inventor. When the applicant is not the inventor, no assignment document is needed.
  2. Date, number and country of the patent’s first application. If priority should be claimed, the application must be filed in Paraguay within one year after the original filing abroad.
  3. Abstract, Specifications and Claims in Spanish language.
  4. Drawings (if any). 
  5. Power of Attorney form.


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