Patents: Qatar

General Information

The State of Qatar is a party to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Patent Law, which provides effective protection.

As there are no statutory patent laws in force in the State of Qatar, the only available means for protecting Patents is publishing Cautionary Notices in Arabic and English in local newspapers.

Cautionary Notices define the owner's interest in the industrial property, announce the ownership thereto, and alert the public against any possible infringement. Such publication of notices could be of considerable assistance in case of litigation.

There is no standing regulation as to when a cautionary notice should be republished. A cautionary notice is not as effective as a registration and is not deposited with any government department. Consequently, republication of cautionary notices at reasonable intervals acts as a reminder to the public and helps to ward off eventual infringers.

International Agreements : Paris Convention & (GCC) Gulf Cooperation Council.


Filing Requirements

GCC Patents Filing Requirements

  1. A power of attorney executed by the applicant, duly notarized and legalized up to the Consulate of any GCC country.
  2. A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or an Extract from the Commercial register of the applicant company duly legalized by the Consulate of any GCC country.
  3. A deed of Assignment executed by the inventor(s), assigning their patent rights to the applicant, also notarized and legalized up to Consulate of any GCC country.
  4. Certified copy of Priority documents. If the documents are not in English, a simple English translation is required.
  5. Two copies of the specification and claims in English and Arabic, prepared strictly in the following order:
    • Title of the invention
    • Technical field
    • Technical background
    • Disclosure of the invention
    • Description of drawings
    • Detailed description of the invention
    • Method of industrial application of invention
    • Claims
    • Abstract of invention
    • Drawings, if any
  6. The Arabic text of the specification and claims on a diskette using Microsoft Word (Windows Edition).

    Note : 
    A GCC patent application can be filed with the English text of specification and claims together with the Arabic translation thereof. Documents 1, 2, 3 and 4 should be submitted to the GCC Patent Office within three (3) months from the date of filing the application. Otherwise, the application will lapse.


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