Patents: Taiwan

General Information

International Agreements : WTO

Patent Types : Invention patent, Utility Model and Design

Novelty Requirements : Absolute Novelty

Claiming priority : All WTO member countries can claim priority in Taiwan unless the member country does not admit priority from Taiwan. Priority documents can be submitted within 4 months.

Examination : Yes - Request for substantive examination has to be filed within 3 years from filing date or priority date

Protection Period : 20 years for invention patent, 10 years for utility model and 12 years for design patent

Publication : Yes - publication will be made after paying registration fee for invention, utility model and design patent. But there is early publication for invention patent.

Annuity Payments : Annually

Grace period for payments : 6 months grace period with double official fee.

Compulsory Licensing : Yes - subject to the application with reason for national emergency or for public benefits, the IPO will consider to charter third party to execute the patent.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Applicant's English name and address, name of representative director if the Applicant is a company, inventor's name and address, 
  2. English specification and drawings (with Chinese translation).
  3. Power of Attorney (can be submitted within 4 months).
  4. Assignment Deed signed (can be submitted within 4 months). 


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