Patents: Turkmenistan

General Information

Patent Types : Patents, Provisional Patents (for inventions) and Industrial Designs.
Subject-matters of an invention shall be: Devices; Processes; Substances; Strains of microorganisms; Plant and animal cell cultures; The use of known devices, processes, substances, and microorganisms for a new 

Novelty Requirements : Worldwide Novelty
An invention shall consist in the solution of a technical problem which is novel, useful and inventive.
An invention shall be recognized as novel if it is not anticipated by the state of the art as hitherto achieved.
The state of the art shall be defined by all sources of information obtained in Turkmenistan and abroad prior to the date of first filing.
An invention shall be recognized as useful if it provides for a new, better result which society obtains when using the invention in comparison with the known state of the art.
An invention shall have inventive step if, for a person skilled in the art,-it can clearly not be derived from the state of the art.

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : Yes – preliminary examination is conducted after two months from filing date. Substantial examination must be conducted within 5 years from filing date by request from the Applicant.

Publication : Yes

Protection Period : 20 Years from filing date for Patents – and 5 Years from filing date for Provisional Patents.


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. Two copies of Specification, Claims, Abstract & Drawings. 
  2. Certified copy of Priority document (or Notarized copy). 
  3. Details of the applicant(s) and Inventor(s). 
  4. Power of Attorney simply signed.

PCT National Phase Requirements

For entry of Eurasian Patent applications and PCT patent applications into national phase necessary to present in addition to above--mentioned the following documents, if any:

  1. Simple copy of title-page of WIPO publication. 
  2. Simple copy of International Search Report. 
  3. Simple copy of opinion of International Preliminary Examination (if any); or Notarized copy of decision about grant of patent or copy of patent of such countries as: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, EPO, Japan, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden and USA (if any; it allow considerably to speed up a procedure of granting a patent of Turkmenistan to the applicant). 


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