Patents: Yemen

General Information

Novelty Requirements : Absolute Worldwide Novelty

Claiming priority : Yes

Examination : As to formalities.

Protection Period : 20 Years as of filing date

Publication : Yes – in the Official Gazette

Opposition : Yes – within 90 dyas as of Publication date

Annuity Payments : Every 4 Years as of filing date

Working or nominal working of Patents/Inventions : Not required


Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements

  1. A power of attorney executed in the name of the applicant and duly notarized and 
    legalized up to the Yemeni Consulate.
  2. A notarized and legalized deed of assignment by the Yemeni Consulate, if any, 
    executed by the inventor(s), assigning the patent rights to the applicant.
  3. One copy of the specification and claims together with its Arabic translation.
  4. One set of the drawings relating to the invention, if any.
  5. An abstract of the invention of no more than 100 words with an Arabic translation.
  6. A certified copy of the priority documents for claiming priority.


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