Trademarks: Angola

General Information

International Agreements : International Convention (from December 27, 2007) and PCT (from December 27, 2007).

Classification : Nice Classification (Classes 1-45) Single-Class filing. Only 5 items may be covered by each Trademark application (charges for each extra goods/services).
What is Registrable : Trademarks & Service Marks.
Priority Under Paris Convention : Yes
Opposition : Yes, after publication and within 60 days and can be extended up to 6 months.
Time Frame until Registration : 4 months.
Registration Term : 10 Years.
Renewal Term : 10 Years.

Use Requirement : Non use by owner of licensee for a continuous period of 2 years may render the mark vulnerable to cancellation.

Assignments - Must Assignments be recorded ? NO

Licenses - Must Licenses be recorded ? No but advisable



Filing Requirements

Trademark/Service Mark Requirements

  1. A power of Attorney legalized up to Angolan Consulate.
  2. Details of the mark and prints of the mark.
  3. A Declaration that the Applicant is carrying out in its home country activities relating to the goods or services covered by the Mark. The declaration must be certified by a competent authority in the country of the applicant (i.e. Chamber of Commerce).
  4. A Certified copy of the priority document (if claimed) can be submitted later.


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