Trademarks: Bahrain

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention

Classification : 8th Edition of Nice Classification (Classes 1-45); Single Class Filing.

What is Registrable : Trademarks, Service Marks, Certification marks, Collective Marks, Sounds, smells, shape of goods, packaging, color, combination and photographic elemnts. Also well-known marks enjoy protection under the provisions of Paris Convention even though they are not registered in Bahrain.

Priority under Paris Convention : Yes
Examination : Marks are examined as to its registrability.
Publication : Yes – after filing

Opposition : Yes – within 60 days after as of publication Date (No extensions are permitted).

Time Frame for Registration : 10 months for smooth applications.
Registration Term : 10 years
Renewal Term : 10 years
Grace Period for Renewals : 3 months with fines

Use Requirement : Use of trademarks in Bahrain is not compulsory, neither for filing applications for registration nor for maintaining trademark registrations in force.

Cancellation : A trademark is subject to cancellation by any interested party who can establish that the trademark was not actually used during the five years preceding the application for cancellation, or that there was no bona fide intention of using the trademark on the goods in 
respect of which the trademark was registered.

Assignments - Must Assignments be recorded ? No 
Can pending applications be Assigned ? No – only registered marks assigned.

Licenses - Must Licenses be recorded ? No
Can pending application be Licensed ? No.

Marking Requirements : None

Filing Requirements

Trademark/Service Mark Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney, stamped with the company's seal. 
  2. A certified copy of the home registration or any foreign registration of the 
    trademark. If the registration certificate is not available, one of the following 
    documents can be used, provided that the specifications of goods or the line of 
    activity of the applicant is stated thereon and that these are legalized up to the 
    Consulate of Bahrain OR Apostille:
    - A certificate of incorporation of the applicant company.
    - A certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. 
    - An extract of the entry of the applicant company in the Commercial Register. 
    - A certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce. 
  3. Full name, address, nationality and profession of the applicant. 
  4. List of the goods to be covered.

Renewal of Trademark/Service Mark Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney, stamped with the company's seal. 
  2. The number and date of registered trademark/service mark. 

Assignment Recordal Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney by the assignee, stamped with the company's seal.
  2. A duly legalized/Apostille deed of assignment signed by the assignor and the assignee.

Registered User Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney by the registered user, stamped with the 
    company's seal. 
  2. A simply signed power of attorney by the original owners of the trademark, 
    stamped with the company's seal. 
  3. A license agreement or a registered user agreement duly legalized/Apostille. 

Change of Name/Address Requirements

  1. A simply signed power of attorney in the new name or address, stamped with the 
    company’s seal. 
  2. A letter from the proprietors addressed to the Registrar of Trademarks in 
    Bahrain stating their request, to effect the change of name or address. 


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