Trademarks: Slovenia

General Information

International Agreements : Madrid & CTM.

Classification : Nice & Vienna.

What is Registrable : Any sign, or any combination of signs, capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of another undertaking, and capable of being graphically represented, in particular words, including personal names, letters, numerals, figurative elements, three dimensional images, including the shape of goods or of their packaging, combinations of colours as well as any combination of such signs, shall be eligible for registration as marks.

Priority under Paris Convention : Yes - Possible within 6 months

Examination : Yes - Formal & absolute grounds
Publication : Yes - Within 3 -6 monts after application
Opposition : Yes - within 3 months after publication
Time Frame for Registration : 6-9 months 
Registration Term : 10 Years
Renewal Term : 10 Years - a year before due date
Grace Period for Renewals : 6 months
Use Requirement for filing : None
Marking Requirements : None

Assignments - Must Assignments be recorded ? Yes
Can pending applications be Assigned ? Yes

Licenses - Must Licenses be recorded ? Yes
Can pending application be Licensed ? Yes

Cancellation : Actions for cancellation of marks on account of non-use:

  1. Any interested party may file an action with a court of competent jurisdiction requesting cancellation of a mark if, within a continuous period of five years from the date on which the entry of the right in the register has become final, or the day on which the mark has been seriously and effectively used in the Republic of Slovenia for the last time, the owner without proper reasons fails to use the mark in connection with the goods or services in respect of which it is registered.
  2. Cancellation of a mark may not be requested where, during the interval between the expiry of the five-year period referred to in paragraph (1) and filing of the action for cancellation, the owner has started or resumed to seriously and effectively use the mark. The commencement or resumption of use within a period of three months preceding the filing of the action which began at the earliest on expiry of the time limit referred to in paragraph (1) shall, however, be disregarded where preparations for the commencement or resumption occur only after the owner becomes aware that the action for cancellation of his mark may be filed.
  3. The owner of the mark shall prove the use of the mark in the cancellation procedure.
  4. Use of the mark with the consent of the owner or by any person who has authority to use it shall be deemed to constitute use by the owner.
  5. A collective mark shall be deemed to be used by the holder where it is used by at least one person who has authority to use it.
  6. The following shall also constitute use of the mark:
    (a) use of the mark in a form differing in elements which do not alter the distinctive character of the mark in the form in which it was registered;
    (b) affixing of the mark to goods or to the packaging thereof in the Republic of Slovenia solely for export purposes.
  7. The Office shall cancel the mark as of the day on which the judgement on cancellation has become final for those goods or services for which it is established that the mark has not been used in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.


Filing Requirements

Trademark/Service Mark Requirements

  1. Power of attorney Simply Signed (no legalization required). 
  2. List of goods and/or services, classified in accordance with International Classification. 
  3. If a mark is other than a word in block lettering, 5 prints (max. 8 x 8 cm). For collective marks, a general instrument governing the grant of the right to use the 
    collective mark. 
  4. Priority document (if any), to be filed within three months as of the filing date and translated upon request. 
  5. If the priority application was filed by another applicant, the present Applicant must sign a declaration explaining his right to file in Slovenia.

Renewal of Trademark/Service Mark Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney Simply Signed.

Assignment Recordal Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney Simply Signed.
  2. Assignment Deed.

License Recordal Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney Simply Signed.
  2. License Agreement.

Change of Name/Address Requirements

  1. Power of Attorney Simply Signed.
  2. A document of evidencing the change(s).


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