Utility Models: Bulgaria

General Information

International Agreements : Paris Convention & PCT

Novelty Requirement : Yes

Claiming priority : Yes – within 12 Months

Examination : Yes

Protection Period : 10 Years

Publication : Yes - both of the application and granted Utility Model

Annuities : Annuities are payable on yearly base, the annuities are not due till the granting of the Utility Model.

Compulsory licensing : No

Working or nominal working : Utility Models have to have Industrial Application

Notes : Methods could not be protected


Filing Requirements

Utility Models Filing Requirements

  1. Full name, address and citizenship of the Applicant/s. 
  2. Fullname, address and citizenship of the lnventor/s. 
  3. Copies of the Utility Model Specification, Claims and Abstract as originally filed. 
  4. One set of Drawings. 
  5. Certified Priority Document (when claimed). 
  6. Power of Attorney simply signed.


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