Utility Models: Japan

General Information

Novelty Requirement : None - because JPO never examine Utility Model applications.

Claiming priority : Applicants can claim priority based on their national applications within 1 year from the filing date in their nations.

Examination : JPO never examines the content of Utility Model applications.JPO conducts only formality examinations for Utility Model appliactions.

Protection Period : For 10 years from the filing date.

Publication : About 6 months after the filing date

Annuities : When filing a utility model application, an applicant must pay annuity for 3 years. After 3 years past, the applicant must pay annuity once a year.


Filing Requirements

Utility Models Filing Requirements

  1. Specification, claims, drawings, abstract, and information sheet.
  2. Names and addresses of applicants and inventors.


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